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Genuine delivery, versatility, know-how, creativity and experience allow us to meet the most unique requirement. Elegant Events and Weddings, with personality, but above all, with lots of love!

  • Sobre nós, J´Adore Events & Weddings Algarve

  • Hello, my name is Joëlla Rosa, I am a woman, mother and I have the most passionate profession of all! I'm Wedding & Event Planner.

    Portuguese, born in France, I am fluent in French and English. I am passionate about life, emotions, people, stories, cultures, religions.

    In fact, the whole wedding tells a story, a life, it's a moment full of emotions and memories that remain forever!

  • I understand and love the fact that we are all different and unique beings. In my work as a Wedding Planner I always try to "read" the couple, to feel the dream of each one and from there, we create together the best day of their lives!

    The love, the emotions and the happiness that makes itself felt in this day, leaves me simply with a full heart! I love what I do!

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